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Jason Niccum of Longment told the Daily Times-Call that the device,which he bought on Ebay for $100,helped him cut his time driving to work.

He says,"I guess in the two years I had it,that thing paid for itself".

The device is similar to the firefighters use to change lights when they respond to emergencies. It emits an infrared pulse that receivers on the traffic lights pick up.

Niccum was cited after city traffic engineers who noticed repeated traffic-light disruptions on certain intersections spotted a white Ford pickup passing by whenever the light patterns were disrupted.

Infrared pulse:U外?br />emit:发射
Disruption :q扰

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NEW CONCETP ENGLISH[book 2][Lesson five] http://www.oiklr.tw/alex/articles/54470.htmlAlexAlexThu, 22 Jun 2006 05:25:00 GMThttp://www.oiklr.tw/alex/articles/54470.htmlhttp://www.oiklr.tw/alex/comments/54470.htmlhttp://www.oiklr.tw/alex/articles/54470.html#Feedback0http://www.oiklr.tw/alex/comments/commentRss/54470.htmlhttp://www.oiklr.tw/alex/services/trackbacks/54470.htmlcovered the distance in three minutes.Up to now,Mr.Scott has sent a great many requests for spare parts and othere urgent messages from one garage to the other.In this way,he has begun his own private "telephone" service.

It's not my pigeon
None of my business:q不是我的过?It's none of your business:不关你的?br />
information:not countable
Can I take a message for you?
Can you take a message for me?

cover the distance.

keep distance:保持距离

I have a request for the cake.
request sb. to do sth.
You are required to attend the meeting.

spare part:备g?br />
-I am glad to be at your service:我很乐意Z效劳?br />-Thank you.
-You are wellcome/Not at all/That's (all)right/My pleasure.

--Thank you for your listening.
-No thanks

garage:车库QR?br />
Bus stop is only five miles from school/here.
How far is the bus stop.
My home is ten miles away from here.

sth. urgent:紧急的事情

One is watering the flowers,and the other is reading.
Can you show me another?

In this way
in a friendly way.
in the way:挡\
out of the way:让\
by the way[BTW]:Z说一?br />on the way (to):在去 ...的途中

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NEW CONCETP ENGLISH[book 2][Lesson four] http://www.oiklr.tw/alex/articles/54405.htmlAlexAlexThu, 22 Jun 2006 00:36:00 GMThttp://www.oiklr.tw/alex/articles/54405.htmlhttp://www.oiklr.tw/alex/comments/54405.htmlhttp://www.oiklr.tw/alex/articles/54405.html#Feedback0http://www.oiklr.tw/alex/comments/commentRss/54405.htmlhttp://www.oiklr.tw/alex/services/trackbacks/54405.htmlI have just received a letter from my brother,Tim.He is in Australia. He has been there for six months.Tim is an engineer.He is working for a big firmand he has already visited a great number of different places in Australia.He has just bought an Australia car and has gone to Alice springs,a small town in the centre of Australia.He will soon visit Darwin.From there,he will fly to Perth.My brother has never been abroad before,so he is feeling this trip very exciting.

The news exciting,I am excited.
The news excited me

accept:in mind
receive:in fact.
This morning I received a bunch of flowers from a boy,but I didn't accept it.
take the exam;take advice:接受.


go abroad;
live abroad;
study abroad.

work for:I am working for a school
work in: I am working in New Oriental School.

a great number of = a lot of
I have a lot of numbers;I have a great number of friends

has gone to
has been to

from there[can be time or place]
from Beijing to Tianjing
from half past 8 to 9

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NEW CONCETP ENGLISH[book 2][Lesson three]http://www.oiklr.tw/alex/articles/53885.htmlAlexAlexTue, 20 Jun 2006 00:59:00 GMThttp://www.oiklr.tw/alex/articles/53885.htmlhttp://www.oiklr.tw/alex/comments/53885.htmlhttp://www.oiklr.tw/alex/articles/53885.html#Feedback0http://www.oiklr.tw/alex/comments/commentRss/53885.htmlhttp://www.oiklr.tw/alex/services/trackbacks/53885.htmlPostcards always spoil my holidays. Last summer, I went to Italy. I visited museums and sat in public gardens. A friendly waiter taught me a few words of Italian. Then he lent me a book. I read a few lines , but I didn't understand a word . Everyday I thought about postcards. My holidays passed quickly,but I didn't send cards to my friends. On the last day I made a big decision.I got up early and bought thirty-seven postcards.I spent the whole day I my room,but I didn't write a single card.

send/take children to school
take: 亲自?br />send:通过W三人去?br />
namecard /visiting card:名片,also you can say" this is my card"/here is my namecard
ID card:w䆾?br />credit card:信用?br />cash card:提款?br />
His parents spoiled the boy.宠坏
This spoiled my day.q个让我一天的心情不爽
destroy:毁坏Q严?br />

museum:Palace Museum:故宫

public school/place/house(pub:酒吧)
in private:U下里的
in public:公开?br />Why not have a conversation in public.

chief waiter:领班
shop assistant:店员

I can speak a little English/a few words of English

I spend three hours in the sea
I spent my weekend at my mother's
I spend a lot of time in traffic jam

Do me a favor please/Do a favor for me please.

think of
  • What do you think of the weather today?
  • What do you think of TV program last night?
think about
make up one's mind下定军_
change one's mind:改变L
make a wish.愿望

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NEW CONCETP ENGLISH[book 2][Lesson two]http://www.oiklr.tw/alex/articles/53878.htmlAlexAlexTue, 20 Jun 2006 00:31:00 GMThttp://www.oiklr.tw/alex/articles/53878.htmlhttp://www.oiklr.tw/alex/comments/53878.htmlhttp://www.oiklr.tw/alex/articles/53878.html#Feedback0http://www.oiklr.tw/alex/comments/commentRss/53878.htmlhttp://www.oiklr.tw/alex/services/trackbacks/53878.htmlIt was Sunday. I never get up early on Sundays. I sometimes stay in bed until lunchtime. Last Sunday I got up very late. I looked out of the window. It was dark outside. 'What a day!' I thought. 'It's raining again.' Just then, the telephone rang. It was my aunt Lucy. 'I've just arrived by train,' she said. 'I'm coming to see you.'
    'But I'm still having breakfast,' I said.
    'What are you doing?' she asked.
    'I'm having breakfast,' I repeated.
    'Dear me,' she said. 'Do you always get up so late? It's one o'clock!'

1) His father didn't dieuntil he came back. (肯定)
直到他回?他爸爸才歅R?br />2) His father was aliveuntil he came back.  (否定)
直到他回来ؓ?他爸爔R是活着的?br />
I stay in bed until 12 o'clock
I didn't get up until 12 o'clock


he is waiting for me outside
It's cold outside

The telephone is ringing.
Remember to ring me [Com:I will call you back]

  • aunt:uncle,
  • cousin:堂兄?
  • nephew:外甥,
  • niece:外甥?/li>
I go out by bus/on two bus:如果加修饰词Q就要换掉by

Who are you? ===> who is it?  如果不知道对Ҏ别Q可以用it取代

Dear me!==My god == My dear.

  • lunch:中饭
  • dinner:正餐
  • meal:一K
  • food

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NEW CONCETP ENGLISH[book 2][Lesson one]http://www.oiklr.tw/alex/articles/53690.htmlAlexAlexMon, 19 Jun 2006 01:03:00 GMThttp://www.oiklr.tw/alex/articles/53690.htmlhttp://www.oiklr.tw/alex/comments/53690.htmlhttp://www.oiklr.tw/alex/articles/53690.html#Feedback0http://www.oiklr.tw/alex/comments/commentRss/53690.htmlhttp://www.oiklr.tw/alex/services/trackbacks/53690.html
private school  U立学校

It's a privacy.隐私

private citizen.普通公?;private life:U生z?private solder:大兵

they having a conversation;China and Korea are having a dialogue,

Is this seat taken? Yes/no

take your seat please;be seated please;seat sb.[让某人就座]

When all those present were seated,he began his lecture.

I was very angry/cross;I am blue in the face

Attention,please;You must pay attention to that girl;pay much attention;pay more attention;pay no attention;

I can't bear/stand you.

I got divorced,I cound not put up with him :[put up with=bear=stand]

give sb a bear hug[热情的拥抱]

I went to Guangzhou on business

go to the doctor's;go to the dairy[牛奶店];go to the butcher's[M肉]

I am/was angry[it's a fact];I got angry[the process];It is hot;It got hot

She didn't say a word[means not say a sentence,not just word]

May I speak to Jim/May I have a word with Jim?

he is sitting behind me
  • behind: he is sitting behind me
  • in front of
  • before:must related with time:before he came back
  • above
  • ahead of: He goes ahead of me.
I don't have any friends;I have no friends

I suffer the headeache;He often suffers defeat

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10 sentenceshttp://www.oiklr.tw/alex/articles/53681.htmlAlexAlexMon, 19 Jun 2006 00:12:00 GMThttp://www.oiklr.tw/alex/articles/53681.htmlhttp://www.oiklr.tw/alex/comments/53681.htmlhttp://www.oiklr.tw/alex/articles/53681.html#Feedback0http://www.oiklr.tw/alex/comments/commentRss/53681.htmlhttp://www.oiklr.tw/alex/services/trackbacks/53681.htmlDo you know how to cook?  你会做饭?

Do you approve of the new manager?

Allow me to introduce out new manager,Slone Lee.

Any idea what time it is?  你知道几点了Q?br />
Are you fond of children?  Are you fond of Chinese food.

When I told them my plan ,they looked at me as if I was crazy.  [just be crazy,that's cool]

You can drive my car as long as you drive carefully. [只要...]

I'll come as soon as I finish.

the beggar asked me for money.

I haven't been able to sleep very well recently.

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I have another callhttp://www.oiklr.tw/alex/articles/53649.htmlAlexAlexSun, 18 Jun 2006 14:13:00 GMThttp://www.oiklr.tw/alex/articles/53649.htmlhttp://www.oiklr.tw/alex/comments/53649.htmlhttp://www.oiklr.tw/alex/articles/53649.html#Feedback0http://www.oiklr.tw/alex/comments/commentRss/53649.htmlhttp://www.oiklr.tw/alex/services/trackbacks/53649.html

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Crazy Englishhttp://www.oiklr.tw/alex/articles/52589.htmlAlexAlexTue, 13 Jun 2006 14:53:00 GMThttp://www.oiklr.tw/alex/articles/52589.htmlhttp://www.oiklr.tw/alex/comments/52589.htmlhttp://www.oiklr.tw/alex/articles/52589.html#Feedback0http://www.oiklr.tw/alex/comments/commentRss/52589.htmlhttp://www.oiklr.tw/alex/services/trackbacks/52589.html
Let's Go!

cri english is a good site for learn english .

I listen the eazy FM in the road to the company every morning when I take bus.

It's funny about Flex. He is so humour. So many people like him.

well,show these 10 sentences for the first time .

  • Never let your parents down,never let yourself down.
  • No pains,no gains.
  • It's never too late to learn english.
  • I love this game!
  • I'm looking forward to meeting you.
  • You are wellcome.
  • Shut up!
  • first come first served
  • have a nice day. Have a good time
  • Speak as quickly as possible,as loudly as possible,as clearly as possible.
Ok! Good luck to me !

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